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Customer loyalty is worth its weight in gold, especially in these economically tough times. For small to medium size businesses, real estate & insurance agents and other independent contractors, the face of marketing your products and services has changed dramatically. As internet sales increase and more people are choosing the convenience of online purchasing; getting a client and keeping them choosing you couldn't be more important for your bottom line.

We are your affordable out-sourced marketing partner with an array of affordable strategies that incorporate the power of print and web. Bottom-line is, more customers. . .customers who keep coming back - and that's worth GOLD!

* Develop strategies to get regular customers & clients to return more often.
* Develop strategies to get more referrals from regular customers
* Help you organize your existing client data
* Develop data-gathering collateral for point of sale strategy.
* Develop a plan for regular communication with your clients via personal greeting cards, email newsletter and other online strategies.
* Create special enticements, coupons and offers to encourage clients to join your client e-Club
* Create a web presence for your business.
* Create professional-looking video ads, virtual tours for websites, YouTube and other channels of distribution
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